Airbike ProBOT is an auto-balanced intelligent robot, equipped with two separate 600W Japanese technology electric motors. ProBOT provides 1200W power to these motors from its 4000 mAh 48V LG Lithium Ion battery. Unlike any other personal electric vehicles, Airbike ProBOT has a unique design and special features as an intelligent robot.

When you get on the ProBOT, its three sensitive sensors get activated and ’’Human Body Online Detection System’’ keeps you balanced through your riding. ProBOT’s high speed microprocessors provide the transmission between motors and auto-balance system and offer you a safe, smooth riding experience.

Airbike ProBOT is an intelligent robot e-commuter and designed to make your transportation easier. It takes a few tries to get used to ride it. In the beginning support of a friend is advised. You will quickly get used to getting on ProBOT and enjoying the ride. We strictly advise you to take all safety precautions and ride your ProBOT in a safety environment. Click to watch our ProBOT Training Video here.

The speed of ProBOT varies based upon several factors. Maximum speed of ProBOT is limited to 20 km/h due to traffic regulations. 1200W power would allow you to go faster yet we are doing our best to provide you the safe and futuristic form of transportation.

You can travel approximately 25 kms with a single charge. Airbike ProBOT is designed to provide you the best riding experience. To achieve this ProBOT is equipped with a high capacity Lithium Ion battery for an optimized riding distance. The range of ProBOT may vary due to certain conditions. Terrain, weight, battery status and speed affect the range.

Airbike ProBOT is equipped with a high quality LG Lithium battery and it takes 3 hours to fully charge.

Airbike ProBOT uses 18650 LG Lithium Ion Battery which successfully passed all durability tests and has all international quality certifications. This enhanced battery lasts over 1000 charges. That means if you use your ProBOT as your every day e-commuter it will last over 3 years. To extend the life of your battery, charge the battery regularly and promptly after each use. If you store your ProBOT for prolonged period of times, recharge every 4-6 weeks. The longer battery sits uncharged, the faster the life will be reduced.

There is no license obligation for riding ProBOT in most countries. Yet in some countries, there are certain speed limits thus the speed of ProBOT is limited to 20 km/h. Airbike is not responsible for any kind of speed modifications made by the user.

Airbike ProBOT can run without any problem between -10 degrees and 50 degrees. Apart from that it is water-resistant and equipped with all-terrain performance tires, adaptable to all weather conditions. You can ride your ProBOT in every weather condition. Always take your safety precautions for a smooth ride.

Airbike ProBOT’s special design performance tires can last for 3 years if used properly. Always check and carry out maintenance for the tires and ProBOT itself.

ProBOT can easily climb up to 15 degrees of slopes and climb down in a controlled manner with its advanced automatic balance system. ProBOT’s high speed microprocessors provide a dynamic stability and prevent user falls in any terrain and any road condition.

You can easily download Airbike ProBOT application on iTunes or on Play Store. After downloading the application, you should pair your smart phone with your ProBOT via Bluetooth and enjoy ProBOT’s unique features.

You don’t want your smart device run out of battery? Connect your smart device to ProBOT with USB and let ProBOT charge your device.


We ship worldwide with DHL, UPS or TNT and PostNL or DPD for EU countries and provide a parcel tracking number after you placed your order. Shipping costs change according to the destination country, you can check your shipping cost in check-out page. Please also check Distance Sales Contract for further information.

Unless indicated otherwise on check-out page, estimated delivery time for ProBOT is 4-7 business days.

In order to change your shipping address or any other contact information, you can contact us via email or phone. Please do all necessary changes at least 48 hours before your ProBOT is scheduled to ship. We will make the changes for you.


Airbike ProBOT comes with 2 years of warranty. We have an experienced in-house technical service team and a customer service team, dedicated to provide the best experience for our customers. Your warranty is expired? Do not worry, we provide lifetime technical support.

Please note that in accordance with global regulations, the battery has 6 months (1 year in some countries) of warranty yet if you use your battery properly it will last more than 3 years.

You may return merchandise purchased from up to fourteen (14) days after receipt of merchandise for a full refund of the purchase price. You can also check our full return policy here.

In order to cancel your order, you can contact us via email or phone. Please inform us if you would like to cancel your order at least 48 hours before your ProBOT is scheduled to ship.


ProBOT is designed and manufactured due to European regulations and has a speed limit. You do not need any certification or permission to ride ProBOT on bikeways and sidewalks. It is important to check your speed on sidewalks and checking your local laws/regulations. Always remember to take precautions against ever-changing conditions.

Airbike ProBOT is only 17kg and easy to drag. You can carry or drag it to anywhere you go thanks to its folding foot pads and adjustable seat and handlebar, fit it into your car trunk easily. If you will carry ProBOT, please make sure that it’s turned off.

You can use ProBOT’s follow me mode rather then drag or carry it yourself. It will follow you anywhere you go. You can also use ProBOT’s remote control feature to move it.

Regularly inspecting your ProBOT for any damage and checking that every part of it running/operating properly is all the maintenance your e-bike needs. You can contact our technical team for any technical information you wish to learn. If you would like to clean your ProBOT you can use a damp cloth or a cleanser liquid, you can simply provide from a bike store. You should keep harsh chemicals away from your ProBOT not to damage the texture of the product or electrical equipment.

Check the battery for leakage, overheat, unusual smell and other abnormal conditions, etc. If you realize something wrong with the battery do not touch or try to fix it yourself. Contact our technical service within the shortest time.

You can call us for any reason. We would be happy to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

ProBOT’s charger is manufactured due to European standards and comes with standard C and F type plug. But we provide the plug adapter to convert the charger to A type plug if needed.

We provide lifetime technical support for our customers. You can contact us if you need any maintenance, spare parts or technical support.


If you are interested in being a retailer/distributor, contact us for further information. We would love to expand our family.