What is the difference of Ali5 v2?

ali5 v2
ali5v2 motor power

Extreme Motor Power

Ali5 v2 is more powerful now! With it’s 350W output power you will be much faster and feel the true power under your feet. Improved motor power offers you an amazing max speed up to 30 km/h and increased range up to 30 km with one charge.

(Max speed is limited to 25 km/h in some countries due to local legislations.)

Bigger Wheels

For a smoother drive, the new version of Ali5 v2 has 5.5 inch wheels with advanced air free cushioned tires. This means a wider area of use and more fun!

ali5v2  bigger wheels
ali5v2 stronger structure

Stronger Structure

We proudly announce that Ali5 v2 has the strongest carbon fiber deck, stronger than steel and cannot be damaged even under 200 kg load. (We strongly suggest you to visit FAQ for more information.)

Outlast Battery

With next generation outlast battery system, now you can enjoy your rides for a longer time.

ali5v2 outlast battery
ali5v2 control system

Upgraded Vector Control System

Microprocessors in Ali5 v2 has been doubled. With this electronic rearrangement Vector Control System is upgraded.

Accelerated Reaction Time

You will start accelerating instantly when you push the throttle of new generation Ali5 v2, in contrast to first version Ali5’s working principle where you should start up the first move with your foot and then push the throttle for acceleration.

ali5v2 reaction time
ali5v2 safer deceleration

Safer Deceleration

Electronic brake and EBS electronic braking system is optimized in the new version of Ali5 v2 for an effective and safer stop.

Enhanced Front Light

In new generation Ali5 v2, the power of elegant front light’s lumen rate is increased from 600 to 750. Thanks to enhanced light power, your driving comfort and safety is increased.

ali5v2 front light
ali5v2 advanced structure