Airbike MX5 Reviews

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  • Peter Balch

    Speed is enough to get you where you need to go. I have been using my mx5 now for 2weeks now. I purchased mine to go on my travels in my campervan, I can charge it quickly via my onboard leisure batteries with a 240v inverter.or go for a long ride and recharge anywhere a cafe or is very versatile. Love my Airbike

  • Linda Chong

    This might be one of the best e-bikes I have ever seen. Battery is fine, 350w motor power is enough, no complicated wires or moving parts. I strongly believe that the future of transportation will be all-electric. So I already preordered MX5.

  • Simon Cole

    I have a converter but did not satisfy me at all. I perform all the maintenance a bike need plus the converter. It gets exhausting at some point. This one is simple, I want simple. Waiting to receive mine;)

  • Arthur Palmes Jr.

    I was thinking why someone gets an e-bike but considering all the money I spend on transportation and gas and maintenance.. I made a small calculation myself and it will save me $2000 in parking alone over the first year. Yes the parking is very expensive here in Austin yet it worth a shot.

  • Sergei Ayesma

    This is amazing. Finally someone made a simple and beautiful e-bike. I am not a fan of converters and do not like that weird e-bike stuff so it will be lovely to have something like this.

  • Kristian Meng

    This is really cool. Perfectly designed and seems easy to ride. I like the data display panel and it charges your phone, considering to order one

  • Eric Ashvil

    I think I am the first one who ordered one. I really dig this bike. I will update my review once I got it.

  • Mario Rocha

    Usually the main problem in products like this is the battery efficiency. Seems they are assertive with this one, would be nice to try.

  • Lina Mihaylova

    Amazing design, do not look like some weird e-bikes. Would be a good commuter for me. Looking forward to try it.

  • Max Maida

    I really love the design, its in sizes of regular foldable bikes but have an aggressive look. Also no pedals no chains no complication.

项目 1 到 10 共 11个

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